Top 10 reasons the beach is good for you!

Along with growing Warrior Beach Co. I work as a full time Director of Nursing and we have 5 kids that keep us running! A few years ago, we packed up our family and left beautiful Colorado and headed south to raise our kiddos in sunny Florida. On the weekends, we try to find time to either go sit at the beach and fly kites at one of our favorite beaches Flagler, Matanzas Inlet,  Guana State Park or Honeymoon Island) or cast a few fishing lines out in some of our favorite spots (Princess Place Preserve, Bings Landing and Flagler Pier).

Do you ever wonder what makes you feel so great after spending a day at the beach? For me, it’s always a feeling of relaxation, and release. Well, we decided to do some research and try to find the “why” behind those feelings!

10 Reasons to spend as much time at the beach as you can:

  1. A trip to the beach means spending a lot of time in the sun, sunshine is natures dose of Vitamin D! Vitamin D is good for your bones, lowing blood pressure, supporting your immune system and can help with Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  2. The salty air by the coast does wonders for the respiratory system and those with asthma, bronchitis, sinus pressure, and coughing. The salty ocean air also contains negatively charged hydrogen ions that help absorb oxygen and balance out serotonin levels, (a key hormone for relaxation and happiness) resulting in more energy and happier thoughts.
  3. A recent study done by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health found that seeing “blue space” such as lakes, oceans and rivers, has a higher positive impact on people than “green space” such as parks, trees and yards.
  4. The ocean has been proven to inspire creative thinking, reduce anxiety, and promote compassionate thinking, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, scientist and author of “Blue Mind,"
  5. There is no greater healer than salt water. Swimming in the ocean enhances the immune system, hydrates skin, and boosts circulation. Seawater that is rich in magnesium also has been shown to relax muscles and helps induce sleep.
  6. The sound of the rolling waves creates a nice, natural 'white noise' effect helping you relax.
  7. Saltwater has unique antibacterial and anti-fungal properties making it excellent for external infections; however, it also helps internal infections as well. In addition to the antibacterial properties, the sea water also has iodine produced by the marine life which is absorbed by our skin and helps boost the function of the thyroid gland which again, boost our immune system. See how this ties together!
  8. Simply walking on the beach is great exercise! Walking on sand is quite difficult and utilizes more muscles than simply walking on a sidewalk.
  9. The sand is a great exfoliant for our feet, hands and body and when the warm sun opens your pores, the saltwater can pull out those toxins diminishing blemishes and excess oils.
  10. Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.                                                                                    -Albert Einstein

While the beach can provide these amazing qualities to enhance our lives, the sun can damage skin and cause skin cancer, so remember to apply sunscreen throughout your day and stay hydrated with water.

We hope that this list of benefits will have you racing off to the beach!


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